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Find various types of wooden engraved gifts​ which have a special message written on them. Just pick one with the right Shape and size and you’re good to go.

wooden plaque


The most trendiest of the personalized gifts are the wooden engraved gifts.  Wooden engraved gifts have a photo engraved in a wooden plaque. You can even engrave wedding photos, group photos and portraits on the wooden plaques.

Wooden engraved gifts make the best showpieces. You can even put them on your showcase or in your room. Moreover, they are durable and sturdy show pieces as pictures are engraved in wooden plaques. 

Wooden photo gifts can be given to a person of any age. They are just like the photo frames but with an engraved picture in a wooden plaque. People like wooden photo gifts very much as it has their photos engraved on them. Many people tend to keep it in their rooms as a memory and as a token of love.

TYPES OF Wooden Engraving GIFTS


This is an appealing wooden plaque which is cut out in a landscape shape, so that it can engrave a photo with a long text. This is a perfect wooden photo give to your family members and your friends with a lovely, personalized note. This wooden engraved gift can be hanged on a wall or can be put in the room for the ever-lasting memories. You can even gift it to your child with a lovely note and his photo engraved on a wooden plaque. You can also customize the borders of the wooden photo gift.


This wooden plaque has a portrait photo engraved on it. It has finished borders with a space for some text below. This can be a perfect wedding wooden photo gift. You can gift it to your significant other or to a newly married couple. Moreover, you can even engrave the names of the newly married couple or the name of you and your fiance. 

wood engraving heart


This is a unique wooden engraved gift with the wooden plaque of a heart shape. This is the best wooden engraved gift for your wife, daughter, fiance or your significant other. This wooden engraved gift can even engrave a couple photo or a single photo. Furthermore, it also has a calligraphic touch to it. You can even engrave a short love note just beside the photo.


This Wooden Engraving is cut out in a landscape shape so that it can engrave a group photo. This is a perfect wooden photo gift to give to your friends and family members. It is enough to engrave a group photo with 6 people. It is a wooden engraved gift which can be hanged on the wall or can be  put in the room for ever-lasting memories.


This is a wooden plaque with an engraved portrait photo and unique borders.  It can be a perfect birthday gift for someone who is fond of talking pictures, especially the portrait photos. It has lovely borders which give a unique look and finish to the engraved portrait photo.

Wood Sizes landscape

Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
8 x 6 Inches
8 x 11 Inches
12 x 18 Inches

Wood Sizes Heart shape

Small Big
8x8 Inches
8x10 Inches

Wood Sizes Portrait

Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
6 x 8 Inches
11 x 8 Inches
18 x 12 Inches

Note- “Images shown for illustration purpose only. Actual image engraved quality and size may vary”